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Small Business Stater (Offer)

Kes 500/M Online Pos System 1 Locations / Storefronts / Ware House/ outlet 1 Users 500 products Allowed 1 Registers Unlimited Customers Unlimited Purchases Unlimited Sells Limited Storage Space Subscribe Now

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Online Learning Management System & live streaming classes (web)

We all are in the middle of a pandemic and it’s no doubt that these hard times have affected us all. Due to the ongoing crisis, all the education centers are also locked down, and ...

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Promotions/Coupons code (7TO10HOSTCISSME4)

Get 12% Discount on CME 4 Hosting Package.

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  • Free Domain
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Generous Grace Periods

We would like to mention that we do allow generous grace periods in case you are unable to settle invoices on their due dates. Should you have such a challenge, you can open a support ...

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