Imagine you can make KES 2000 or USD 20 Per day by referring client to us.

This is a reality here at COMSOMANET ICT SOLUTION. If you refer clients to us, you can earn as high as KSh 2,000 per day.

We give you an extremely generous commission for every client you refer to us. When you register  as an affiliate, you will get a unique link. Share that link with people. When they visit our site using that link, in their browser and when they make an order and payment is confirmed, the commission is credited to your affiliate account immediately .

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Product/PackageHow much the client paysHow much you get
Shared Hosting
on Shared Hosting
When the client Paid Shared Hosting
Kes 1900Kes 190
CIS SME 2Kes 2900Kes 290
CIS SME 3Kes 3900Kes 390
CIS SME 4Kes 6900Kes690
Reseller Hosting PackageReseller Hosting
When the client Paid Reseller Hosting
CIS R1Kes 1500 /MKes 150
CIS R2Kes 2500/MKes 200
Online POS SystemOnline POS SystemWhen Client Paid Online POS System
Small Business StaterKes 1500 /MKes 150
Medium Business AdvancedKes 2000 /MKes 200
Supper Advanced BusinessKes 4500 /MKes 450

How it works

  1. Register for an Affiliate Account . It is Free.
  2. Within the portal, activate as an affiliate and get a unique referral link that you will be using to refer clients to us.
  3. Keep sharing the link with friends, family members, on social media, SMS, Whatsapp groups, emails and on your blog or website.
  4. Log in to Portal to see real time statistics of how your link is performing. eg. Number of visits, Sign ups and conversions.
  5. Get your money in your M-Pesa once it matures. We pay everyday Sunday as long as your commission has matured.